Scaffold planksSCAFFOLDING PLANKS IN CALIFORNIA are essential components for high-elevation construction, repairs, architectural support, and inspections. Scaffolding also allows workers to access hard-to-reach work areas safely and effectively. Ranging from temporary to long-term, scaffolding planks are a cost-effective, durable solution for a variety of industries. To meet the demands of the construction market in California, Kennison Forest supplies high-quality, regulation-compliant scaffolding plank wood.

Scaffolding Planks Overview

Scaffolding planks are elevated wooden structures that allow workers to move freely with their materials and machinery. Scaffolding is mostly used for construction, cleaning, inspection, and maintenance tasks.

California’s unique regulations for industrial and commercial construction sites require scaffolding planks to meet high standards for worker and visitor safety. Kennison Forest provides Californian builders with scaffold planks that are cost-effective and ANSI and OSHA compliant. Our planks create stable and flexible supports for a variety of scaffolding applications.

Scaffolding Planks in California

Kennison Forest is dedicated to supplying high-quality scaffolding planks to these applications in California.

General Construction

The construction industry relies heavily on scaffolds to provide structural support and safe passage for laborers at every stage of a project. Workers can also store and carry heavy loads throughout scaffolds because they are built to bear both static and dynamic weights. Properly sized scaffolding planks also minimize the number of trips workers make within the site, boosting productivity and reducing worker fatigue.

ADA-Compliant Stairs and Ramps

Every public building in California is required to have stairs, ramps, and walkways that are accessible to everyone. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires uniform riser heights for stairs and ramps with an incline of no more than 8.33%. The right scaffolding planks can meet these and other ADA standards for construction.

California Home Construction

Private real estate is a booming industry in California. Homebuilders need sturdy and cost-effective scaffolding planks to meet this growing need. Scaffolding planks from Kennison ensure worker safety and efficient completion of home construction and repairs.

California Business Construction

Commercial buildings in California require regular maintenance and inspection, especially for earthquake safety. Scaffolding planks enable workers to erect high-rise buildings and keep the structures safe.

OSHA/ANSI-Compliant Scaffolding Solutions

Using substandard scaffolding planks puts workers at risk of injury or death. Kennison scaffolding planks undergo stringent third-party inspections to verify that they comply with OSHA and ANSI standards. California’s additional regulations ensure that workers and anyone else who interacts with construction scaffolds are safe. We are proud to support this goal with our high-quality scaffolding solutions.

Scaffolding Planks From Kennison Forest

Whether you need scaffolding planks for your construction, repair, maintenance, or other project, you can choose from a wide selection of scaffolding wood at Kennison Forest. Our high-quality, reliable scaffolding planks will serve you from the start to the end of your project. Contact us or request a quote for more details about our products.