For over 30 years, Kennison Forest Products has been the premier provider of top quality scaffold planks at competitive prices. Kennison is the name that scaffolding companies and contractors around the world trust the most. Call us today and find out why!

2200F MSR 1.8E Solid Sawn is the newest product offer by Kennison Forest Products

2200F MSR 1.8E Solid Sawn Scaffold Plank represents an evolutionary enhancement in the qualification of solid sawn scaffold plank versus traditional DI65 planks. Our mill’s proof testing process results in lower variability in flatwise bending strength in 2200F MSR 1.8E planks than visual grading alone found in traditional DI65 planks.

SURE-LAM 2.0E and 2.2E LVL Scaffold Plank is sold exclusively by Kennison Forest Products

SURE-LAM TM 2.0E and 2.2E is manufactured in the USA, using only high quality Douglas Fir veneer. The superior strength of Douglas Fir combined with a state of the art manufacturing process ensures that you will get a LVL scaffold plank that you can depend on. For competitive prices on the strong and reliable SURE-LAM LVL Plank, call us today!