Scaffolding Planks in Texas

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Kennison Forest Products, Inc. is the place to go for scaffolding planks. We are a major provider of high-quality scaffolding planks in Texas and are committed to assisting our clients in completing their projects. When it comes to scaffolding, safety is always the top priority. As a result, we only provide high-quality, long-lasting items. What […]

Scaffolding Planks in Florida

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Scaffolding Planks in Florida Planks form the foundation for most industrial scaffolds, combined with stationary supports and other materials. In Florida, scaffold planks must meet a variety of unique requirements for certain environments, making it important to find the right planks for this state. Scaffolding Planks Overview Scaffold planks function as walkways for scaffolding, forming […]

What Is Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)?

What Is Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)?

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Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is a popular structural composite lumber that is found throughout the construction industry. LVL planks are typically stronger and more uniform than conventional milled lumber, thus making them preferable across a range of industrial construction applications. Made from wood options such as Douglas fir, LVL can function as headers, beams, trusses, […]


Scaffolding Planks in California

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Scaffold planks are essential components for high-elevation construction, repairs, architectural support, and inspections. Scaffolding also allows workers to access hard-to-reach work areas safely and effectively. Ranging from temporary to long-term, scaffolding planks are a cost-effective, durable solution for a variety of industries. To meet the demands of the construction market in California, Kennison Forest supplies […]

Setting Up a Scaffold

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Scaffolding offers a safe and sturdy solution for preventing falls at worksites. When building a scaffold, choosing high-quality scaffolding planks will ensure the job gets done safely. Kennison Forest Products, Inc. offers a wide selection of scaffold planks you can trust that are ready to ship to your construction location. Although setting up scaffolding can […]

Masonry Scaffolding

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By their nature, work sites are fluid and ever-changing. In order to complete the main structure, smaller, temporary structures like scaffolding are often necessary. Scaffolds are commonly used because they are relatively inexpensive, easy to set up, and easy to remove. They offer a quick and adaptable way to meet jobsite’s challenges.  Bricklayer and masonry […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Scaffold Design

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Scaffolds are a critical element in many construction sites. The temporary structures provide support and stability to access and working platforms so workers can use them safely. However, working at elevated heights poses a higher risk of injury to life and limb for employees, including in regard to falls and falling objects. As such, it […]

Common Scaffolding Applications

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Scaffolds are temporary platforms that allow easy access to an industrial work site or construction site. Depending on the application, scaffolds can also be used to provide architectural support to a building even as work continues on the structure. Typically constructed from cost-effective, sturdy timber and sometimes supplemented by aluminum or steel supports, scaffolds are […]

What Is Machine Stress Rated (MSR) Lumber?

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Quality machine stress rated (MSR) lumber is a requirement for most construction projects. MSR lumber is graded based on mechanical stress tests that compare stiffness to bending strength. This type of lumber must also meet certain appearance standards. Roof trusses, glue-laminated beams, and wood I-beams all rely on MSR lumber for its high strength values. […]

Scaffolding Solutions for Different Types of Masonry

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Scaffolding is essential for many building and construction projects. It provides support and stability to the platforms that employees use to move in and around the structures on which they are working, ensuring they can perform the work safely. The design and construction of scaffolding can vary from application to application. For example, in masonry […]