“These are industry wide guidelines that Kennison Forrest products is providing as a resource and in no way a consultation.”

Scaffolding offers a safe and sturdy solution for preventing falls at worksites. When building a scaffold, choosing high-quality scaffolding planks will ensure the job gets done safely. Kennison Forest Products, Inc. offers a wide selection of scaffold planks you can trust that are ready to ship to your construction location. Although setting up scaffolding can be time-consuming, following these scaffold set up instructions will ensure proper construction.

Steps to Set Up a Scaffold

To properly set up scaffolding at your worksite or facility, follow these steps:

1. Prepare and Organize All of Your Parts

Steps to Set Up a Scaffold

Before you start assembling the scaffolding sections, it is important to organize all of your parts and tools in one place. You’ll need the scaffold unit, pigtails, toggle pins, scaffold planks, and a level.

2. Assemble the Frame and Baseplates
Start setting up a scaffold by laying the two end frames approximately 7 feet (or at the width of your cross braces) apart near your work area. Then install the baseplates to save hassle later on in the process. While scaffold models can vary in assembly, most feature an open tube that will slide over the base of the adjustable screw bar, which is then secured using pigtails, toggle pins, or other locking accessories.

3. Assemble the Cross Brace
Next, assemble the cross brace by raising one end frame and sliding the crossbar ends over the pins on the frame. Lock the pins and lay the cross brace on the ground to temporarily support the first end frame while you raise the second one. Once the second end frame is raised, place the other end of the cross brace over the pins and lock them into place. To finish this setup, repeat the same process on the opposite side.

4. Secure and Level the Scaffold
Place the scaffold at the desired location. Since a safe scaffolding installation begins with a solid foundation, add 2×10 blocks under each baseplate for sturdier support when using scaffolding on soft ground. Use the adjusting screws on the unit to level the scaffold.

5. Install the Wooden Planks
Lifting the scaffold plank from the middle, angle it through the end frames until both ends of the plank are above the frame. Level the plank and lower it until the hooks are attached to the bars of both end frames. Next, secure the plank with swivel locks. Repeat this step until you’ve installed all the wooden scaffold planks.

6. Install Guardrails
Add the guardrails by securing them to the corner posts of each frame using a pigtail, toggle pin, or other locking mechanisms. Install top and bottom guard rails between the posts.

7. Prepare and Set Up a Workstation
Bring all your work items to the scaffold platforms. Setting up a workstation on the scaffolding platforms will help you complete your project quicker and more efficiently.

8. Ensure Safe Position of Scaffolding
If setting up scaffolding around electrical power lines, watch closely when moving the scaffold around your worksite. Keep scaffolding at a safe distance from danger to keep you and your workers safe on the job.

Wooden Planks Offered at Kennison Forest Products, Inc.

When setting up a scaffold, it is important to use high-quality wooden planks. At Kennison Forest Products, Inc., our scaffold planks are made in the USA and tested for safety. We provide two types of scaffolding planks to meet your needs. Our SURE-LAM LVL planks are made using high-quality Douglas Fir veneer for superior strength, while our MSR scaffold planks are made from southern pine for enhanced strength and reliability. Our planks meet OSHA/ANSI standards to ensure optimal safety and stability. Trust our wooden planks when setting up scaffolding at your next worksite.

Choose High-Quality Planks When Setting Up Your Scaffolding

Following these steps for scaffold setup ensures a safe and efficient worksite. Kennison Forest Products, Inc. provides reliable and high quality scaffolding planks for optimal safety, while complying with industry standards. Contact us to learn more about our premium scaffold planks or request a quote today.