Scaffolding serves an important purpose in construction. Quality walkboards are essential for providing a safe walking and standing surface on scaffolding. Given the temporary nature of scaffolding, most users opt for less expensive wooden planks over metal planks when purchasing walkboards for scaffolding. Not all wood planks are equal, however. It’s essential to use scaffold-grade lumber that follows OSHA regulations.

Kennison Forest supplies high-quality wooden scaffold planks manufactured in the USA. All scaffolding walkboards distributed by Kennison have been thoroughly tested for safety and compliance with OSHA standards. Contractors and builders have trusted Kennison for more than 30 years as a reliable provider of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) scaffolding planks.

Scaffolding Planks Made in the USA

Kennison Forest is the exclusive distributor of SURE-LAM LVL 2.1E and 2.3E scaffold planks in North America. SURE-LAM 2.1E and 2.3E planks are manufactured in the USA using only the highest quality Douglas Fir veneer. Scaffolding planks made from Douglas Fir offer the strength and durability necessary to safely hold workers and tools. Douglas Fir wooden planks are also ideal for outdoor construction sites because of the material’s resistance to the negative effects of humidity.

SURE-LAM 2.1E and 2.3E walkboards meet all of the necessary standards required by builders and contractors, such as:

  • OSHA
  • ANSI
  • ICBO 1997 Uniform Building Code-Structural LVL
  • APA/EWS inspection
  • Individual proof testing

Kennison Forest also supplies 2200F machine stress-rated (MSR) 1.8E solid sawn scaffold planks. MSR planks exceed OSHA safety regulations and provide minimal variability between planks for optimal support of people and equipment.

Our American-made planks are available in all standard and custom sizes with custom embossing. We maintain an extensive stock of planks that are ready to ship in support of projects with short lead times.

Supporting American Made Scaffolding Planks

There’s only one place to get wood scaffold planks made correctly, and that’s here in the USA. Kennison Forest is an expert wooden plank manufacturer that produces high-quality planks for any job site. Our commitment ensures that our planks are made to the highest standards, allowing you to work confidently on your construction projects.

At Kennison Forest, we pride ourselves on being a leading wooden plank producer in the United States. We have a team of skilled craftsmen who work to ensure that every plank we produce is made to the highest standards. Our goal is to help you get scaffold planks produced safely and quickly. As a result, you can focus on the most important: completing the project successfully. Whether you’re a local business or need planks for a national construction project, Kennison Forest can help with your specific requests.

The importance of having quality scaffolding wood planks cannot be stressed enough. Make sure you’re getting what matters most from our company with expertise in all things related. From new construction projects to remodeling jobs, we will provide top-notch service that stands out with its excellence.

We know that wood scaffold planks need to meet the highest quality and durability standards. That’s why we craft our planks using only the finest materials available. Our team carefully selects the best lumber from sustainable sources, and each plank gets to fit your project precisely.

Kennison Forest is the Premier Wood Manufacturers in the USA

The knowledgeable experts at Kennison Forest know all there is to know about scaffolding planks. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have and help you select the most appropriate scaffolding planks for your operation and environment. We are dedicated to producing quality lumber solutions at a competitive price point, including on-time delivery to your job site.

Kennison Forest is the exclusive provider of SURE-LAM LVL 2.1E and 2.3E MSR Solid Sawn Scaffolding Planks you can trust. All of the walkboards we distribute have been Made in the USA and quality tested to verify their safety and functionality, which has made us a trusted brand in scaffolding planks.

To see how our scaffolding planks can support your next building project or contracting job, please contact us or request a quote today.