Scaffolding Planks in Florida

Planks form the foundation for most industrial scaffolds, combined with stationary supports and other materials. In Florida, scaffold planks must meet a variety of unique requirements for certain environments, making it important to find the right planks for this state.

Scaffolding Planks Overview

Scaffold planks function as walkways for scaffolding, forming their temporary platforms. Scaffolding plank wood materials offer both dimensional stability and strength while remaining cost-effective and easy to procure. While many applications may use scaffold planks and supports for stationary platforms, it is also possible to couple planks with ratchets and cables to allow for adjustability, enabling workers to change the height of the scaffold as needed. Certain applications common in Florida rely on scaffolding planks, including tourism, aerospace, and marine construction. Scaffolds in these particular settings are more affordable when building access platforms, which is due to the inexpensive materials used along with the flexible supports that create cost-effective and stable structures. If you need scaffolding planks for an application in Florida, we offer top-quality products designed with the state’s environment in mind.

Scaffolding Planks in Florida

In addition to general applications in the construction industry, our selection of scaffolding planks is compatible with many Florida-related applications, such as:

  • Tourism. This industry in Florida continues to flourish, leading to the construction of many different structures to accommodate the surge in tourism and increased traffic. To facilitate this, quickly built scaffolding is available for locations with new construction or for maintenance to existing structures. Scaffolds made with high-quality planks and other materials provide an efficient and affordable way to access key areas.
  • Aerospace. Florida remains a leader in the aerospace industry, serving as the primary location for many such projects. For example, Terran Orbital is set to construct the world’s largest satellite manufacturing facility in Florida, investing over $300 million in new equipment and construction. The facility will comprise approximately 660,000 square feet of property, with spaces for various manufacturing processes along with administrative ones. New construction projects of this scope
    will require copious safe, stable scaffolding to allow for proper and timely completion, along with potential uses in maintenance in the future.
  • Marine Construction. Florida’s coastal setting makes it an ideal location for building many piers, decks, and docks. It is important for these locations to utilize scaffolding planks that are
    suitable for wet marine environments. At Kennison Forest Products Inc., we offer planks designed for these and many other conditions. To help meet the needs of these specific applications, all Kennison Forest scaffolding products are OSHA/ANSI-compliant. Our scaffolding planks undergo third-party inspection to confirm their adherence to the highest standards to maximize both quality and safety. Our customers are subsequently comfortable in the knowledge that their workers will remain consistently safe with superior planks in every scaffold, never risking their employees to substandard or fake planks with the possibility of failure under dynamic loads or warping.

Scaffolding Planks From Kennison Forest Products

Florida settings require scaffolding planks that can hold up to the state’s various environmental conditions, which is why Kennison Forest Products is here to meet your project requirements with reliable scaffolding planks. We carry some of the best planks available, including those made with Douglas fir veneer and solid sawn materials, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing process maintains consistent quality across all of our offerings. Our products provide the utmost stability and safety in nearly any application. If you would like to learn more about our scaffolding planks and what we can do for your project, contact us or request a quote for our products today. We will be able to help you find the right solution based on your unique requirements.