Wood Scaffold Plank Supplier Serving North Carolina

Different industries throughout North Carolina rely on Kennison Forest Products as their premier supplier of wood scaffolding planks. Our clients have trusted us for nearly four decades to provide them with some of the industry’s best products. If you’re looking for wood scaffold planks in North Carolina, we couldn’t be more honored to work with you as your supplier.

Durable and OSHA Approved Wood Scaffold Planks

At Kennison Forest Products, we understand the importance of safety in any construction project. That’s why we offer durable and OSHA-approved wood scaffold planks for our clients in North Carolina and beyond. Our planks are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide a stable platform for workers to carry out their tasks safely. One of the vital industries we work with is the construction area. From knowing workers can walk safely to storing heavy equipment, we only put our name behind superior products. Customers in North Carolina understand they have a reliable, yet affordable solution for building access platforms for their construction areas.

Many other industries support wood scaffolding in North Carolina because of the state’s diverse infrastructure. Our client’s projects range from industrial sites to commercial buildings and everything in between, including large-scale chemical production to renovation work. Regardless of your project’s size or scope, our wood scaffold planks provide a reliable and safe solution for any job.

Exceeding The Industry Standard For Wood Scaffold Planks in North Carolina

When it comes to providing superior products that meet and exceed the industry standard set forth by the OHSA, Kennison Forest has you covered.  We only supply Scaffold Plank that meets OSHA standards in North Carolina, meaning they have been quality tested and deemed safe for construction projects. We pride ourselves on maintaining high quality and safety for all our products, ensuring peace of mind for our clients and their workers. Buyers should be cautious of other products that claim to have the industry standard, but fall short. Some examples include fake stamps, imitation wood planks, or working with an unlicensed supplier. When you use wood planks with Kennison Forest,  you have confidence knowing you’re working with one of the industry leaders who have meticulously crafted our products and tested them for safety and performance.

Building Relationships With Our Clients In North Carolina

We take pride in building relationships with our clients in North Carolina. From the initial contact to the delivery of your wood scaffold planks, you can expect exceptional customer service every step of the way. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our products. Feel free to request a quote today or give us a call if you have any questions.